Our Team

Ilan Arnon (Parsons Bay Lodge P/L) – Developer

Ilan bought the Tasman Ecovillage property in 2007 and transformed it from a run-down 70's motel to a thriving business.

Ilan has a great deal of experience with property development and in the hospitality industry.

He lives in the village and is the main driver behind getting the project to where it is today.

Andy Hamilton (Andy Hamilton and Assoc)  – Surveyor and CDS consultant

Andy has over 35 years experience in surveying and planning and has his own consultancy business, Andy Hamilton & Associates.

He works with Ilan on a number of projects and has been involved with Tasman Ecovillage from the outset.

Gilo Holzman (Synthesis Design Studio) – Consulting architect, co-housing advisor

Gilo has done extensive research into co-housing in the Australian context and runs Synthesis Studio – an environmental and sustainable design consultancy in the Blue Mountains.

He advises on the village design and drafted our Residential Building Design Guidelines.

Stephen Cole, B.Eng — Civil and Structural Consulting Engineer

Stephen has over 15 years experience as a Civil and Structural Engineer with a particular interest in natural materials and systems and has been operating his own consultancy business since 2014.

Stephen aspires to create healthy, sustainable buildings that relate harmoniously to their environment, and support the physical, social and spiritual nourishment and evolution of living beings.

Wendy Armstrong – Convenor, TEVA

A keen foodie and organic gardener from way back, Wendy is enjoying the freedom that online work provides. She supports businesses in the private and NFP sector, focussing on education, environmental and social justice issues, whilst also assisting small hospitality ventures. She has a wealth of experience in project and people management and provides assistance with some of the 'back-end' administration of our Association. 

Myles Griffiths – Public Officer, TEVA

Myles currently owns and operates a property maintenance business in Hobart. He has been fixing and building things for years and this ability is very useful in helping to create and maintain the village structures. He has taught himself many computer skills including AutoCad, which is also handy for drawing up building designs, and he enjoys sailing and making music with others.

Susie Berwick – Secretary, TEVA

Susie moved from Hobart to Melbourne in 1996, where she has raised two beautiful, smart young women, played in fantastic Aussie Pub Rock Bands and worked for much of the time in Corporate Australia. With her children now grown, she has moved back to Tasmania to commence another, more peaceful phase of her life. She realised some time ago that, as a single income earner, it is simply not possible to enter the property market in Victoria; Tasman Ecovillage ticks all the boxes …affordability, space, tranquillity, location, clean living. Susie enjoys reducing her carbon footprint, applying her corporate knowledge to the development and growth of TEVA, and being back in one of her favourite corners of the globe.

Debra Mill – Treasurer, TEVA

Debra Mill is our current TEVA Treasurer. More information to come soon.



21 Apr 2018
10:00AM - 12:00PM
Coffee and Cake @ Kelp & Co
23 Apr 2018
07:00PM - 09:00PM
Community Dinner
28 Apr 2018
10:00AM - 12:00PM
Coffee and Cake @ Kelp & Co
30 Apr 2018
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Community Dinner
05 May 2018
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Coffee and Cake @ Kelp & Co