Tasman Ecovillage Association (TEVA)

Tasman Ecovillage Association (TEVA) and the developer, Ilan Arnon, are working in partnership to create Tasman Ecovillage.

TEVA is a members’ association and the governing body for our community, enabling all villagers to have a say in the decisions that affect them.

Some TEVA members own property at the Ecovillage, others are renting and the rest are friends and professionals who support our project. Travellers, wwoofers and helpers from around the world continue to enrich our community.

Our shared Vision and Values guide the development of the village, inform our progress to a more co-operative culture and help ensure our fellow villagers are like-minded.

Membership of TEVA is a pre-requisite for purchasing or living permanently in our community.

We invite you to come and stay with us anytime and get to know us.



02 Oct 2017
09:00AM - 04:00PM
Two-week Permaculture Design Certificate Course
tasecovillage Moving to #Tasmania will be too cold they said... Tasman #Ecovillage https://t.co/uDxCTdCCjx
tasecovillage Blackberry season at Tasman #Ecovillage :) https://t.co/eQdPReIF5n
tasecovillage Give peas a chance! Pea Season at Tasman #Ecovillage #TassieStyle https://t.co/mpZlokqCsZ
tasecovillage The Newkind Festival from 17-21 March 2017 on the east coast of #Tasmania is a call to action for change makers.… https://t.co/8GFIk88Jth

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