Tasmania’s First Earthship Event

Tasman Ecovillage Association (TEVA) will be hosting Tasmania’s first Earthship event this month. Rachel Goldlust of Earthship Australia is coming from Melbourne to share practical and inspiring insights into what it takes to build an Earthship – in preparation for a possible Earthship building workshop at the Village early in 2014.
Earthships are the “epitome of sustainable design and construction. No part of sustainable living has been ignored in [these] ingenious buildings.” An Earthship utilises the principles of Biotecture, a mix of biology and architecture, and aims for buildings and community environments designed with consideration for environmental sustainability rather than relying on traditional carbon-heavy building designs and materials.
Rachel, a graduate of Earthship Academy, will be presenting a 3 hour workshop and information session about this revolutionary building technology. There will be a slide presentation, the Tasmanian premiere screening of “We Are the Plans – Australia’s First Earthship”, a documentary about Australia’s first Earthship build, and a Q and A session. The workshop runs from 2 – 5pm on Saturday 11th May and all are welcome to attend.

Earth Ship