Community is more than houses, roads and shops; it’s all about people, their connection with each other and their common vision. The Village Hub is the heart of our village and provides a meeting place for residents, locals, visitors and travellers. It has most of the facilities that a forming community needs (and more!), as well as providing a venue for people wanting to check out what we are doing here and discover the local surroundings.

The existing infrastructure has become the village centre (The Hub); a place to wander down to when you feel like company, relaxation, recreation or entertainment, a place for the kids to hang out. It comprises Parsons Bay Retreat accommodation, Kelp & Co licensed bar/cafe, Fat Beets Food Hub outlet, BBQs, play area and half-tennis courts.

There is also a community kitchen, dining area and large open space ("The Shed") which serve as the “common-house”; a place for community meals, workshop space for music, events and seminars, or somewhere for the kids (and grown-ups!) to play on a rainy day.

Some of the motel apartments within the Hub have been sold into private ownership for owners to live in or to provide short or long term rental accommodation.

Parsons Bay Retreat provides accommodation for village guests and workshop participants, as well as accommodation for the many tourists visiting the beautiful Tasman Peninsula.