The first of its kind in Tasmania, our Community Development Scheme (CDS) is a type of strata-title development that allows for flexible governance structures and joint ownership of community land and facilities. Along with the usual benefits of strata ownership, which include title to your land and a share in the common property, we have included policies and guidelines which promote our goals of a light footprint and co-operative culture. Our CDS gives owners and inhabitants security about the future of the project, whilst allowing for flexibility in terms of input from a growing and dynamic community.

The scheme is being developed in stages, with Stage One complete and further residential lots now available in the next stages. As with any strata scheme, the developer is liable for completion of the scheme and must do so in accordance with a pre-defined and approved management statement and management plan. Both of these documents are available on request.

The village is managed by its self-governing owners' corporation (Body Corporate) pursuant to the bylaws of the scheme – also available on request.

We are exploring the possibility of incorporating one or more Community Land Trusts into the scheme. A CLT is “a nonprofit corporation which acquires and manages land on behalf of the residents of a place-based community, while preserving affordability and preventing foreclosures for any housing located upon its land.”