Good group processes, compassionate communication, consent decision-making and conflict management are fundamental to good governance and members of our community commit to actively developing and deepening their skills in these areas through training and practice. We aspire to TEVA’s “Values and Code of Conduct” because we believe effective, peaceful governance starts with self and the relationships we have with one another.


We tried Sociocracy as our governance model but this did not work particularly well at least for some community members and perhaps because we lacked the proper training.

We have had great success using the coloured card system (thanks to the efforts of Sarah West) which helps to ensure everyone gets a say and keeps discussions efficient. We aim for consensus in our decision-making but when consensus cannot be reached we can vote using a 75% majority to make a decision.

Coloured Cards To Help Streamline Discussions Sarah West

Coloured Cards To Help Streamline Decision Making Sarah West


The owners of residential lots, pods and apartments form the body corporate, which is the official governing body for the Community Development Scheme (CDS). All owners have voting rights according to their unit entitlements under this scheme.

In order to promote the co-operative culture of our community, purchasers and long term residents will need to first be a member of the Tasman Ecovillage Association (TEVA) which requires a membership application and approval process. Only full members of TEVA are eligible for election to the management committee of the body corporate.