Tasman Ecovillage aims to create a thriving, caring community that celebrates our connection with the earth and with each other, and cultivates a sustainable, peaceful and productive lifestyle.

To help achieve this aim, the Tasman Ecovillage Residential Building Design Guidelines impose some additional requirements to the standard regulatory requirements. For example, new dwellings in Tasmania currently require a 6 star energy efficiency rating and ideally, homes at Tasman Ecovillage will exceed this requirement.

The Residential Building Design Guidelines cover a number of areas such as:

  • energy efficiency
  • material usage
  • designing for durability and performance
  • water efficiency
  • designing for healthy living
  • preserving and enhancing the village aesthetic
  • balancing social interaction and privacy

Before building or installing a house at Tasman Ecovillage, applicants prepare and submit a Building Application to the TEV Body Corporate or a delegated representative. For an application to be approved, applicants need to show how “non-negotiable” requirements (indicated in the Residential Building Design Guidelines) will be achieved and also address a sufficient number of the other guidelines. Once approved by the Body Corporate, building applications are then submitted to the Tasman Council.

Copies of the Tasman Ecovillage Residential Building Design Guidelines are available to TEVA Members or you can contact us for a copy if you are genuinely interested in building at Tasman Ecovillage.

Your Home - Australia's Guide to Environmentally Sustainable Homes is also a useful free resource when designing your home at Tasman Ecovillage.