We aim to show that our village is more than just building houses, it’s about building community.

Our design gathers individual strata title lots into 5 “pods” around a village centre, The Hub. The lots within the pods are called “seeds”.  Each pod development will celebrate neighbours gathered around a shared (neighbourhood) space in an arrangement that fosters neighbourly relationships whilst valuing privacy. The size of the seeds is deliberately smaller than the usual suburban block. This enhances social interaction and allows for more community land.

The land outside the pods (approx. 19 acres) is community land, owned and shared by inhabitants. It is intended for much of this area to be used for food production, with some recreational areas and parkland. The intention is for the community who lives here to make decisions about how best to utilise the land. Some ideas we have had include: playgrounds, small outdoor stage and concert space, community and personal vegetable plots, orchards and gathering spaces.

The village design provides for new community buildings and the community will make decisions about the type and location of improvements as the village grows.

TEV Map Final-300x212

Download full-size PDF map. (1.4 MB)