A growing worldwide trend, ecovillages are intentional communities with the goal of becoming more socially, economically and environmentally sustainable. They are a response to the breakdown of traditional communities (villages, extended families and so on), increasing social isolation, fossil fuel dependence, natural habitat depletion, globalisation, excessive and wasteful consumer lifestyles, and conflictual win/lose mindsets.

Once considered “marginal and idealistic”, many ecovillages are now quite mainstream; integrating the values of a light ecological footprint and social well-being with modern lifestyles and expectations. Our village is one of these.

Our ecovillage is a partnership between the Tasman Ecovillage Association (TEVA) and the developer for the project, Parsons Bay Lodge Pty Ltd. Our Community Development Scheme (strata title) was registered in 2013. We have built the foundation and are taking steps on the road to our vision. As at August 2023, 28 out of 31 lots in Pods A, B and C have been sold with some new homes already completed and others under construction. Pods D and E are yet to be released.

We welcome and encourage new participants as owners, residents or visitors, and look forward to working together with you to transform our vision into reality.