"It's an amazing place with friendly people and a great quiet stay!! Beautiful environment and smiley faces around you. I can see myself retiring there. Strongly recommended."

Salam Ballout, August 2021

"Wonderful place to visit! Love FatBeets and Kelp and Co."

Gee Birdy, February 2020

"Tasman Ecovillage is one of the few Ecovillages I know of in Oz with an onsite enterprise, providing income and employment. They are doing something real to be self sufficient."

Simon Cole, December 2017

"We had a lovely stay at Ecovillage. Susi and her family were great. We felt at home right away because of their hospitality and kindness. We had a warm welcome. Thank you for everything!"

Kim de Waal, October 2017

"What a great vibe in this Eco village. Loving the fresh produce growing everywhere, eating it and chatting with the friendly residents. A relaxing place to stay."

Tania Brookes, October 2015

"Thank you Wendy and everyone for your friendly hospitality, wonderful food and accommodation. Thank you particularly for your amazing contribution to the planet. It's heart warming!"

Geoff and Jill M., Perth, WA June 2015

"It's been a year or more since I last visited. How things have progressed! Roads, gardens, units sold, land sales pending. A feast of abundance and beings."

Mark H., Bruny Island, September 2014

"TEV is a thriving, vibrant new community of amazing people. There is a fantastic energy to the place that will work well to transform the golf-course into love and life energy for a long-living sustainable future. I'm just so excited to be here and be part of this community, one I will remember and miss for a long time - until I decide to come back with 5,000 friends! I love you all. Tassie rocks!"

Maxeem C., USA, March 2014

"Had a great time. Thank you for your hospitality and generosity. You are all doing something really special here. We will return"

Jack Gilding, Hobart, April 2014

"We loved the energy on the Tasman Peninsula and being part of a thriving community in the middle of Tasmania."

Simon and Rosie, Melbourne, January 2014

“Great place. Kind people.”

Amy Maugham, Melbourne, December 2013

“The winter solstice celebrations were well worth the effort of flying over. Good people, delicious food, beautiful music. I joined in the drumming session and although many of the folk including myself were rhythmically challenged it was fun and we created good energy if not good music.  Thank you so much for your hospitality and your commitment to bringing your vision into reality. You have done so much ground work and research.  I very much enjoyed being in Nubeena again and especially meeting more of the group that share so many common ideals.”

Judy Jack, Melbourne, July 2012

“Having hosted 2 residential facilitator training programs at the Tasman Eco Village I can highly recommend this venue and will definitely look to use it again in the future. The accommodation, shared kitchen and meals area and facilities were ideal for our needs. We especially enjoyed being in a space committed to sustainability, the wholesome food from local and on-site produce and the relaxed, community feel.”

Phil Everist, “Be the Change” coordinator, Tasmania, May 2012

“We have never had such willing accommodating hosts for a TRA gathering. The members, speakers and guests all had a marvellous time. We think what you are proposing is wonderful. In a time where bigger is always seen as better and the god of consumerism reigns supreme, it is wonderful to see people working to consume less, share more and enjoy a qulaity of life that some only dream about. Your dreams and TRA’s walk the same road and we thank you for sharing the dream with us.”

Paul Jenkins, Exec. Director, Tasmanian Regional Arts (TRA), September 2011

“I had an absolutely wonderful experience here. The energy of this place is truly special. I learned many things about various cultures and I made quick friends with everyone. It was a place to restore my energy for my continuing journey through Australia. Thank you Ilan for you wonderful generosity. Good luck with the village. I’m sure it will be a great success.”

Rose, May 2011