Tasmania’s First Sociocracy Workshop

Tasman Ecovillage Association is proud to be hosting Tasmania’s first Sociocracy Workshop. Titled “Organising Ourselves: Foundations of Dynamic Governance”, it is a two-day workshop on Saturday and Sunday 14th – 15th December, 2013.
Sociocracy, also known as “Dynamic Governance” is a decision-making and governance method, based on principles of sociocracy, that allows an organisation to manage itself efficiently while incorporating the wisdom of every member. Drawing on cybernetics and systems theory, dynamic governance enables groups to be dynamic and rejuvenating, and to foster egalitarian relationships. Businesses, educational bodies, community groups, and non-profit organisations use it. Dynamic governance invites participation, inspires leadership, and allows an organisation to flourish in a changing environment.
At the workshop, you can learn to communicate effectively across committees and levels of authority, increase individual engagement, commitment, creativity, and initiative, and make better decisions while having more enjoyable, effective meetings.
The workshop leader, Gina Price, has been learning and working with dynamic governance since 2004. She has worked with a range of organisations including small and medium size businesses and intentional communities. Certified as a dynamic governance trainer in 2008, Gina’s background includes working as a research scientist in Antarctica and Alaska, homeschooling, and permaculture design. She is a consultant with The Sociocracy Consulting Group.
For more information, please visit the event page. For more information on Sociocracy, go to http://sociocracyconsulting.com