Pear Tree Reborn

Scott Hansen, a local apple and pear grower, kindly donated his time and grafted 7 varieties of pears on to an old pear tree we have by the creek.

This pear tree was too tall and its fruit very small after years of neglect. Last year, on advice from Scott, we cut it with a chainsaw and recently Scott grafted new shoots onto the wood. You can see the result in the second picture. All the grafts have taken and the tree should bear fruit very soon, giving it a new, long lease on life.

Pear varieties that were grafted:

  • Beurre bosce
  • Pakenham Triumph
  • Winter cole
  • Doyenne Comice
  • Josephine
  • Spring deu AKA Glou Morceau
  • Williams

Pear Grafting

Pear Grafting