Fat Beets Food Hub First Customers for the Summer Season!

Several very happy customers picked up their very first fresh veggie boxes and wholefood orders from our community kitchen this month! Hannah (with wee Otis snuggled in) and Jack from the Fat Beets crew were on hand to double check that all was in order.

After a successful trial run with ecovillage residents, Fat Beets Food Hub online store is now open to the broader Tasman community. Orders need to be in each Thursday by 8pm. Pick ups can be collected from Fat Beets new home in the old Southern storeroom at the ecovillage next to Unit 2. Look for the Beetroot-coloured door!!

Fat Beets Food Hub online store operates through the Open Food Network and is delightfully easy to navigate. It features fantastically fresh organic veggies grown lovingly onsite in the Village gardens, free range eggs from Fat Beets chickens and a selection of frequently used dry store wholefoods.

Fat Beets Launch