BEETS for ALL Fundraiser

BEETS for ALL is launched!

So, 2020 is almost over and what a year it was.

Throughout the Coronavirus pandemic Fat Beets continued to provide vegetables and organic wholefoods to people across the peninsula as volunteers worked overtime to pick, pack and deliver to our customers’ homes.

Fat Beets in Tasman Gazette 1

Fat Beets in Tasman Gazette 2

Surprisingly, a new initiative was born out of the pandemic. In response to the hardship experienced by many, a generous customer funded Fat Beets to supply several single parent families who are experiencing hardship with free weekly veggie boxes. This marked the beginning of the Beets for All Initiative, as Fat Beets realised that everyone deserves access to fresh, delicious produce.

A ‘Beets for All’ Christmas Appeal is now on its way to match the initial generous donation. Check out our campaign and please share it far and wide!

Thanks you so much for everyone who donated already!

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