come to an open day  Have a look around, ask questions, get to know some of the people who live here, maybe stay the night and have dinner with us.

come and stay  Accommodation options in the village.

come to an event  Join us at an event or workshop.  A great way to get a feel for the place.

work exchange  Information about living and working in the village.

contact us  We welcome your questions and suggestions!


You have the opportunity to purchase a vacant land lot or invest in an existing property.

You may wish to:

  • build a permanent home in the village, with a village-based income stream,
  • build and rent to one of our residents whilst maintaining your city life, or
  • live here but continue working part-time in the city. (We are looking at having shared Hobart-based accommodation for those who wish to do this)
  • Two bedroom apartments occasionally come up for private sale

However you see your involvement here, we look forward to welcoming you and discussing it with you.

Your purchase includes access to approximately 19 acres of community-owned land, which is available for food production, parkland and recreational open space, as well as part-ownership of the community facilities, some of which already exist.

Prices for land lots start at $69,000.

For more information on purchasing, building, costs and related information, please complete and submit the form below for a Tasman Ecovillage Information Pack to be emailed to the supplied email address.

Email me an information pack