Community Kitchen Up and Running

Healthy and delicious meals are now available lunch and dinner seven days a week in our community kitchen!
With 27 people (including 12 helpers) now living on-site, and often many guests, all of whom need to eat, it just made sense. Meals are optional, take away or eat-in, and everyone participates in the roster. Residents pay a nominal sum to cover the costs and friends and visitors are welcome to join us.
We have been trialling this since the beginning of the year and it is working brilliantly. Like a kitchen table in a house, the community kitchen is now the heart of our community.

Ilan and Laurence

Brilliant! Just as I like it, to start a village with a community kitchen. Last February I visited an eco village in NZ and they didn't have even a centre where the community could meet. Soon I will visit you, my friends. mOnika from Sydney